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For the busy culinary entrepreneur who needs to manage clients & recipes, automate cook dates and connect with peers & prospects.
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Organize Recipes, Menus & Customers

Import recipes from popular software programs, search the web, use our one click import tool to add from popular websites or access other chef’s shared recipes to build your collection. Create and share menus, scale servings, and use ‘tags’ to keep things organized. Import customer data from CSV files, track service history, notes, favorites, dietary exclusions and restrictions.

11 years of data imported to a new, beautiful, easy-to-navigate website that will do it all! I couldn't be happier.

- Chef Monica Thomas

Automate Cook Date Planning

Quickly create date menus (we call them services) via powerful search of your recipe and menu collection or copy prior services. Access customers favorites, exclude recently served recipes and be warned of excluded ingredients. Scale servings, calculate profit margin and track equipment required. Instantly generate serving labels, client summaries, production reports and grocery lists.

Just think about how much time you typically spend preparing printed menus, grocery lists, and stylish labels. Now imagine that all being slashed by at least half.

- Chef Graham Schave

Connect & Share with Other Chefs

Modernmeal Connect allows you to find and interact with other chefs based on diet, technique, cuisine, location and much more. Connect to exchange ideas, recipes and even full menus with private messaging. Our activity feed allows for posts, group comments and exchange of recipes & menus. Access the collective knowledge or other users to help you solve problems & grow.

I am just beginning to use Modernmeal to its full capacity and I love it! Thank you so much!

- Chef Gina VanderKooi

Fast and Powerful Nutritional Analysis

Instantly get detailed nutritional information for any recipe imported or created from scratch. We automatically match nutritional data without you having to enter values individually. Drill into the nutritional results to see the individual ingredient nutritional information and see full recipe micronutrient data. Create ‘custom’ ingredients to ensure that you have results you can trust.

just signed up and am amazed how much easier my job (and life) have become because of it! Keep up the great work!!!!!

- Chef Jodi Giroux

Web & Mobile Access & Data Backup

Modernmeal is a web and mobile platform so you can access your account from any computer or mobile device via a web browser. We support Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer/Edge. Your data is backed up several times a day and secure in the event your computer crashes, is lost or stolen. Even if you get a new computer or mobile device, just sign in and your data is there.

Once again, congratulations to you and your team for building great functionality with a very nice UI. You’ve tapped into areas that every other program has missed.

- Mia Andrews, President of Canadian Personal Chef Association

Public Profile w/SEO so Prospects Find You

Create a professional profile & interact with other users based on diet, technique, cuisine, location and more. Connect to exchange ideas, recipes and even full menus with public & private messaging. Create a unique URL for your profile and make it public. Your profile is SEO ready. Link your social media pages, business website & contact info so prospects find you.

Your program is changing my business model... for the better!

- Chef Shana Larsen

Amazing US-Based Customer Support

At Modenmeal we take customer feedback and support issues with utmost importance. We understand that you depend on us to be better at what you do. You won’t received ‘canned’ responses. You will get a real person located in the United States working on your problem. We can look directly into your account to see any issues you’re experiencing and resolve them quickly.

The Modernmeal team is absolutely phenomenal. Modernmeal customer service response time is unparalleled. Issues are taken seriously and resolved efficiently.

- Chef Catherine Richey

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