Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Modernmeal work on a personal computer (PC) and Mac?

Heck yeah, it sure does! If you use a PC we recommend downloading Google Chrome as your web browser. Internet explorer comes as the default on your computer but Modernmeal and just about every website works much better on Google Chrome. Modernmeal is also optimized for the Safari and Firefox browsers as well.

Is there a mobile & tablet app?

Modernmeal is a responsive website meaning it will adjust based on the device you are using so there is no need for a mobile or tablet app. It will work from your desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet. However, certain pages will have slightly limited functionality when using Modernmeal from your phone.

How much does it cost?

We offer a Health Pro Plan that costs $29/mo. or you can receive a discounted rate of $25/mo. if you purchase a full year subscription. Our Culinary Pro plan starts at $29/mo. or $25/mo. for an annual subscription. If you are a member of the United States Personal Chef Association you will receive a discount off both the monthly and annual plans.

Please check with your organization to see if they are partnered with Modernmeal so you can receive a discount. If we are not partners already have your membership director reach out to us at

Can I import my existing data?

You better believe it! We support the import of data from the following sources:

  • Import recipes from:
  •     - Menu Magic
  •     - Paprika
  •     - Shop n’ Cook
  •     - MacGourmet
  •     - MasterCook
  • Import Customers from:
  •     - CSV Files

Is there a limit on the number of customers (Culinary Pro Plan only) or recipes I can import?

No way, that would just be rude.

Does Modernmeal use the client data and recipes I upload in any capacity?

No, we do not use your client information in any regard. Also, all of your recipes are private and only accessible to others if you choose to share them.

Is there software that I need to download?

Modernmeal is a web based software platform so there isn't anything to download on your computer and this method has some really great advantages including:

  • No downloads or configurations - just point a browser at and you're off.
  • Works on multiple computers/mobile devices - no need to buy extra licenses for each device.
  • Automatically receive updates - without having to do anything (you’ll see rapid progress).
  • You pay one monthly/annual price - no extra charges for support, upgrades, etc.
  • Your Modernmeal data is safe - data won’t be lost if your computer crashes is lost or stolen.